About Us

The Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus (MCMC) was established among Alberta municipalities with a population over 15,000 residents, not including Calgary or Edmonton. The 24 municipalities who compose the MCMC represent 33 provincial ridings and over one-million Albertans – nearly 25 per cent of Alberta’s population.


Provincial Ridings



Of Alberta Population

Our Goals

Our goals are to connect, collaborate and set strategic priorities to advocate to the provincial government.

Our municipalities range from large suburban and urban centres to regional service centres for rural Alberta. Our opportunities and challenges aren’t unlike those of the bigger cities. However, our access to funding and services isn’t the same.

Meet the Caucus

We are focused on building partnerships to help achieve Alberta’s long-term prosperity and to put Albertans first. And we are committed to ensuring Albertans living and working in the mid-sized cities are given equitable opportunities to thrive.