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Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ advocate for collaborative Provincial partnership

Mar 22, 2023

(Cochrane, AB) – The Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ caucus (MCMC) are calling on Provincial Party Leaders to commit to developing a framework that ensures Alberta’s mid-sized communities can build a meaningful, working partnership with the Provincial government that will support the needs of all Albertans.

The MCMC hosted the Honourable Premier Danielle Smith earlier today for a presentation followed by a question-and-answer session. Continuing on March 23rd and 24th, the Caucus will host the leader of the Official Opposition Party Rachel Notley; leader of the Alberta Party Barry Morishita; and the Honourable Minister of Municipal Affairs Rebecca Schulz.

“The Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus values the opportunity to continue to build a collaborative partnership with the leaders of our Province,” said Town of Cochrane Mayor Jeff Genung, Chair of the Alberta MCMC. “Opportunities such as these reflect our commitment to working with the Province to build public policy that benefits all Albertans, living in all communities. Today marks yet another milestone in furthering that relationship.”

In alignment with the MCMC priorities, the Mayors are posing a series of questions to each of the Party Leaders specific to affordable housing and homelessness, public safety, emergency medical services, dedicated and transparent provincial funding, and ongoing engagement between the Province and the MCMC.

“Our mid-sized communities experience many of the same challenges as the larger cities; however, we do not have access to the same supports like funding, services and resources,” said Genung. “We believe a partnership between the Province and the mid-sized cities would allow us to collaborate to find ways to can equitably benefit the other million Albertans living in our communities.”

The Alberta MCMC Caucus is comprised of 24 municipalities, 35 provincial constituencies and represents nearly one million Albertans. Collectively, the caucus develops strategies to respond to matters of mutual concern and advocates for the needs of Alberta’s mid-sized municipalities.


For more information, please contact:

Kristin Huybrecht, Manager, Intergovernmental Relations & Corporate Communications
Town of Cochrane



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